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Weberei Höfer GmbH


Postal address:

Frieberting 6

83254 Breitbrunn, Germany


Contact details:

Telephone: +49 (0) 8051 9674 22

Fax: +49 (0) 8051 9674 20

E-mail: info@hoefer-stoffe.de


Represented by:

Gerhard Höfer, Jakob Höfer


Entered at

Traunstein local court

HRB 4127


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Homepage tile “Fashion fabrics for women”: iStock.com/CoffeeAndMilk

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Core collection tile “woman black dress”: iStock.com/CoffeeAndMilk

Fashion fabrics for women tile “Alta Moda”: iStock.com/CoffeeAndMilk

Fashion fabrics for women tile “woman black dress”: iStock.com/CoffeeAndMilk

Haberdashery and tailoring accessories tile “woman black dress”: iStock.com/CoffeeAndMilk

Other image sources: Weberei Höfer GmbH


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Weberei Höfer GmbH


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